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I’m a writer, accidental entrepreneur, traveler, wife, and mom. I like learning stuff, reading stuff, writing stuff, and walking on stuff (that is, dirt). me-bw I’m traveling around the world with my family for the 2014-15 school year, so my online life is taking an unorthodox turn for awhile. (So’s my offline, too, come to think about it.) If you’d like my personal thoughts about stuff like travel, writing, entreprenuer-ing, music, books, movies, and personal sundry, subscribe to my letter for free. Its sent about once a month.

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–> The Art of Simple Travel // where we share our travels—that is, my husband, my daughter, and me. –> The Art of Simple // where I share a passion for living simply with a gaggle of other writers. –> Instagram // especially check out our #worldwideox hashtag. –> Twitter // pure randomness. –> Facebook // click ‘follow.’ –> Pinterest // I’m unapologetically inconsistent. If you’d like to reach out, head here. Blessings on your journey, wherever you are.

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