Globetrekking: Our family’s plan to see the world… literally.

Because my husband and I have a penchant for stress and pain, we are taking our three children on a trip around the world from around September 2014 through sometime summer 2015.

(Head here if you’d like to know the real reasons why.)

globetrekkingNeedless to say, this rapidly-approaching trip takes a lot of planning. Even though we’ve had this adventure on our radar for years now, this is the year of our discontent when we’ll really get to the nuts of bolts of how we’re going to do this crazy thing. Lots of people do it. Good friends of ours are doing it right now. It can be done, happily and safely. We can’t wait.

But yes, there is much to plan, starting with deciding on where, exactly, we’ll go. For 31 days in October 2013, I’ll write one post per day about one of the places where we plan to travel and why, along with a few other thoughts about our trip. There is so much to see… how on earth will we narrow it down?

But narrow down we must, and so for the next month, I’ll share some of the amazing places on this earth we hope to share with our kids. You’re welcome to get your passport and tag along. Figuratively speaking, of course.

31 Days of Family Globetrekking

chiang mai
Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2007

Ephesus, Turkey, 2008

Samos, Greece, 2008

Paris, France, 2009


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