Eleven years ago today

11 things I love about my husband on our 11th anniversary

1. I love that while we’re in the middle of a business conversation, he can pick up our kid, the one that needs lots of physical stimulation, and twirl him around upside-down, this way and that, and keep on with our conversation.

2. I love that he’s the polar opposite of me in almost every way. Yes, it drives me crazy sometimes, but I think the opposite of that would drive me crazier. I don’t think it’d go well, me being married to someone exactly like me.

3. I love that we pretty much like the same TV shows and movies.

4. I love that he has seen me at my worst, I have seen him at his worst, and at the end of the day, we’re both still here.

5. I love that he’s still trying to get me. Eleven years into our marriage, he’ll still ask me what I like, or be surprised when he assumed I was a certain way and discovers I’m not.

6. I love that he understands that I’m not the same person he married eleven years ago. I’ve grown and matured and learned so much. He has, too.

7. I love that when I wake up to an empty bed at 6 am on a Friday morning, that’s because he’s at a guy’s prayer meeting downtown.

8. I love that when he needs down time, he goes canoeing alone. Or sometimes hikes through the snow in a secluded forest.

9. I love that he knows when he needs help, and that he isn’t afraid to ask for it. And that he’ll ask, seek, and knock until he finds what he needs.

10. I love that he wants to see the world as much as me. Neither of us are dragging the other along.

11. I love that he tirelessly works alongside me, selflessly, and that he equally shares the workload of parenting, schooling, earning an income, caring for the home, and taking care of himself. He’s not perfect. But he’s pretty great.

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