Amazing families currently traveling (or living!) around the world

Throughout this 31 days series, I thought I’d break up the weekday posts featuring specific locations with a few related weekend posts. Today, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite round-the-world blogs.

Yep, this traveling around the world business isn’t exactly our idea. There’s actually quite a few families that do this all the time, and some even call themselves permanently “location independent”—they spend their lives traveling from one place to another, without a home base to call their own.

Here are some bloggers that inspire me:

Y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig Makepeace of Y Travel Blog :: I actually met this couple in Australia last month, and I’m crazy excited for their new adventure: they’re traveling around Australia for one year with their two kids. They just started a few weeks ago, so they should have tons of great upcoming posts about their homeland. Lots of other great traveling posts as well.

travel junkies

Jason and Kerri of Travel Junkies :: Fellow Oregonians, this couple has an 8-year-old (like us!), and they’ve taken a two-year sabbatical from their jobs to travel around the world. Great photography.

world travel family

Alyson and James of World Family Travel :: This couple recently left on their round-the-world trip, and aren’t sure how long they’ll be gone. They’re thinking about two years. Extreme budgeters, this blog gives me confidence that we don’t need a ton of money to do this thing.

almost fearless

Christine and Drew Gilbert of Almost Fearless :: They’ve been traveling since 2008 and their son hasn’t been in the U.S. since he was four months old. Christine takes fantastic photos and is a great writer, and they’re currently living in Mexico with plans to move to Spain in the near future.

soul travelers 3

Soul Travelers 3 :: This family was the first I encountered that actually did this cray thing. They’ve been traveling for ages now… definitely location-independent. Their daughter has grown up on the road, speaks fluent Mandarin, and has had just about the most unique childhood of anyone on the Internet.

discover share inspire

Greg and Rachel of Discover, Share, Inspire :: This family with five kids and is expecting number six (see? three is nothing) has been on the road more or less since 2007. They’re currently road tripping from Alaska to Argentina, in Guatemala as of last week.

great family escape

The Musslers of Great Family Escape :: I like this blog because alongside chronicling their family’s travels, they also provide lots of great practical info about family travel—saving money and getting rid of stuff, what to pack, and the like. They’re currently traveling around North America with their kids, the latest in Victoria, B.C.

I’ve stuck to families here, since their content best relates to our life stage, but there’s actually a ton of couple and solo traveler blogs as well. And our dear friends the Langfords are currently traveling as well, though they haven’t updated their blog as much as they thought they would. (I keep up with her, though, and they’re doing well!)

I’m not sure we could ever travel completely nonstop, so I read these families to feel rather tame and normal. Travel for a year? That’s nothing.

globetrekking-smThis is part of my 31 Days to Family Globetrekking series.