Scheduling me to speak

Sometimes I step away from the laptop, pack up my bags, and stand in front of groups to share things I’ve learned. My kids are young and my family comes first, so I simply can’t say yes every time. But I’ll consider it!

Topics I speak about are blogging, writing, social media, being an entrepreneur, building an online platform, living debt-free and money management, missions and global non-profit work, business as mission, depression, self-care, and my faith in Christ.

Head here to take a look at my current calendar. Please note that I’ll be unavailable to speak in the U.S. from July 2014-July 2015.

Examples of a few more recent talks:

It’s Hiding Behind the Shower Curtain

In this workshop-style talk, I share ways I come up with blog post and writing topics, and provide the audience with a free worksheet to help you do the same.

Reinventing Yourself

My online presence went through a big change in early 2013, and I learned a lot during the process. In this presentation, I talk about how to know when to risk change, what you should do about it, and why it’s worth it. I also reference the StrengthsFinder test, linked below.

Little Streams Flow into One River

I’m often asked how to make money as a blogger, so in this more laid-back conversational workshop, I share how I earn money. This is a q & a session, so a lot of the content is more in my conversations with the participants than in these slides.


I get a little personal in this presentation, sharing my blogging journey. I’ve discovered that on the Internet, quality is everything—in writing, in design, in a social media presence, and even in your offline life. I walk through the different, practical ways quality looks different on the Internet.

Balancing the Biz with Family

My husband, Kyle, and I actually both run the blog together—I’m the creative, right-brained side while he takes care of all the left-brained details. In this presentation, we share (sometimes together) how we balance work and productivity with parenting, dinner making, house cleaning, and still making time to go on dates.

Your Platform is Your Springboard

The buzzword “platform” is all over the Internet, but it doesn’t really do much good to have one if you don’t really know what you want. In this presentation, I discuss the different ways your online platform can serve as a springboard—a bouncy, risk-filled platform that’ll let you make a splash in the pool of your dreams. (Wow, that was bad.)

Social Media: a primer

This is my 101 talk to introduce people to the wondrous glory of unicorns and daisies that is social media. #sarcasm The bulk of this talk is Q&A time.

If you think what your event needs might be something I can help bring, I would love to hear from you.

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