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If you need a little pep to your day today, go watch this video. (You probably have already — it’s gotten 10 million views in 3 days.)

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This is The Good List — I’m Tsh Oxenreider.

As a reminder, we’re doing things a little differently right now, what with all of us social distancing and quarantined at the moment. Some of you are also out there, doing essential work, and I’m especially grateful for you right now — thank you for doing your important, essential work.

Instead of doing a weekly, short episode featuring a rotation of an idea, work of art, habit, and thing, we’re doing even shorter, more frequent epiosdes of The Good List, to help remind us all of what’s good out in the world, what’s helpful to keeping our sanity intact, and that even though it might feel like it right now, we’re not alone. We’re in this together.

Today I’ve got for you a delightful work of art that you may have seen already, because it’s everywhere and became a near-instant hit on YouTube. Even if you have seen it already, go watch it again. John Krasinski, the actor (you may know him best as Jim from The Office), has started a silly little broadcast called Some Good News. It’s a short little reminder that not everything is bad right now. In fact, it dovetails perfectly with this podcast! And it’s absolutely hilarious because he’s hilarious. He interviews his former cohost, Steve Carrell, he interviews a teenage cancer survivor and I dare you not to tear up, and he shares little snippets of goodness being shared around the internet that sometimes gets drowned out right now in all the news.

So, if you need a little boost of encouragement, a little pep to your day today, go watch that episode (I’ve got it linked in the show notes). And if you’ve already seen it, well, go watch it again. And maybe share it with someone else who may like it — I think grandparents would love it in particular.

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Music for the show is by Kevin MacLeod, and thanks, as always, to Caroline TeSelle and Kyle Oxenreider for their help, as well as my furry intern, Ginny. I’m Tsh Oxenreider, and I’ll be back soon — thanks for listening to The Good List.