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We’re ALL better when YOU know your best contribution to the world.

Next Cohort Opens: Early Fall 2019

part 1: the workshop

When you know how you’re wired and what matters most to you, everything else falls into place.

In this first step — your self-paced, online workshop — you’ll create your unique Rule of Life — your go-to, just-right vision for your life.

(You’ll also have the option to workshop your thoughts in a private cohort space, online.)

part 2: the camp

After creating your Rule of Life, the good stuff comes in — in part two, you’re invited to meet with Tsh and a few others like you in person to work on applying it to your life.

A weekend of coaching, brainstorming, creating a specific game plan, and talking it out over good food and drink? There’s nothing better.

(And when you get home, it’ll all continue online.)

Next Camp: October 25-27, 2019, Georgetown, TX

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about tsh

Hello! I’m a writer and serial traveler currently earning my life coaching certification, after many years of benefitting from my own coach. I’m also a wife, mom to 3, fan of British period television, and a 4w5 INTJ Rebel Hufflepuff. (If you know what any of those mean, you’re my people.)

I write a weekly email called 5 Quick Things, where I share stuff I either created or loved from the past few days. It can be read in under a minute, pinky-swear.

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