A Simple Advent Guide (10 copies)

$ 65.00

This is a digital file of the guide, plus licensing permission to make up to 10 copies, perfect for small groups or churches. Need more than 10? Simply increase the quantity for multiples of 10 (for example, buying two of these allows you to make up to 20 copies).

Want to recognize Advent in your home, but wish all the devotionals out there weren’t so time-consuming or complicated? This is for you. Short, daily readings from The Book of Common Prayer, plus a reflection question and music to stream for each day of Advent, every year.

Comes with a basic explanation on Advent 101, tips for using candles and a wreath in your home, and how this whole “Advent thing” fits into Christmas, along with a bonus alternative 25-day reading plan focusing on the highlight reel of Jesus’ life.

by Tsh Oxenreider, author of the bestselling book At Home in the World.