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This is the story of how a family spent an ordinary nine months in an extraordinary way: circumnavigating the earth to see, firsthand, the places they’ve always wanted to explore. Through paper lanterns in Thailand, three-foot-wide Venetian passageways, the community of strangers in Zimbabwe, and beyond, Tsh Oxenreider unearths the dance between wanderlust and rootedness; how to be both lost and at home in the world. “Sacred ordinariness,” she writes, “can be found anywhere on the globe.”

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Meet Tsh Oxenreider

Not too long ago, Tsh’s husband looked at her one evening after the kids had gone to bed and said, “Let’s do this—let’s finally buy the tickets and hit the road.” It was time to embark on a dream they’d been planning for years: to travel around the world with their three kids and discover places new and old. And so, they did. They each strapped on a backpack and headed westbound, first for Asia.

Traveling taught Tsh more about home than she ever imagined.

Tsh is the author of Notes from a Blue Bike and Organized Simplicity, the founder of the community blog The Art of Simple, and the podcaster behind The Simple Show. Her writing has been featured in the Washington PostCNNReal Simple magazine, and more. A Longhorn graduate of the University of Texas, where she studied English and anthropology, Tsh currently lives just outside Austin, Texas with her family and eats tacos several times a week. HI!

Fellow Wanderers & Homebodies

“Many people have the fantasy of leaving everyday life behind to travel for a year. Tsh Oxenreider and her husband actually did it—with three young children! In this candid, funny, thought-provoking account, Tsh shows that it’s possible to combine a love for adventure and travel with a love for family and home.”

Gretchen Rubin

New York Times bestselling author of
The Happiness Project and Better Than Before
"Tsh is a remarkable example of how to balance the rooted stability of family with the winged adventure of wanderlust. This book takes you country by country and shows you how she's found the best of both worlds."

Chris Guillebeau

NYT bestselling author of
Born for This and The $100 Startup
“Possibly this book should come with a warning label, something like ‘only read this book if you want to upend everything in the name of travel, adventure, family and love.’ Because that’s exactly what I want to do after reading it. It was a beautiful reminder of how travel shapes us, how beautiful the world is, and how parenting doesn’t need to mean the end of adventuring.”

Shauna Niequist

NYT bestselling author of
Present Over Perfect and Bread & Wine
"As a devout homebody I'm used to being shamed by books about travel. Not this time. In At Home in the World, Tsh's words will have you longing for home even if you're sitting in your favorite chair. My view of home is forever changed for the better. I cannot stop thinking about this book."

Myquillyn Smith

author of
The Nesting Place and Homebody Extraordinaire
"As a homebody with a healthy dose of wanderlust, I've been fascinated by Tsh's around-the-world adventure since the moment I first heard about it. I so enjoyed getting to tag along on her family's global adventures, which were nothing at all like I expected—both more strange and more familiar than I had imagined."

Anne Bogel

author of Reading People: How Seeing the World
Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything
"A welcome counterpoint to the 'burn it all down' travel memoir genre, Tsh travelled the world for a year with her husband, their three young children and her job along for the ride. I couldn't put this inspiring book down, not only because of Tsh's glorious and interesting travel stories, but because of the underlying permission to include our children and our significant others in what we love most about being alive."

Sarah Bessey

author of Jesus Feminist and
Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith
"This book is one of a kind, and for that it's a must read. It's not a stereotypical travel memoir from a single person about 'finding yourself', but rather a family that adventures because they already have. It made me wrestle deeply with questions of belonging, home, family and hospitality--while giving full permission to be ok with the paradox of wanderlust but also being a homebody."

Jefferson Bethke

New York Times bestselling author of
It's Not What You Think and Jesus > Religion
"Tsh Oxenreider is the only person I know who makes traveling around the world with her family of five sound not only normal, but downright cozy. Her beautifully written stories and intentional perspective offer clarifying reminders of what it means to belong and be well no matter where we may go."  

Emily P. Freeman

author of Simply Tuesday and A Million Little Ways
"No one leads us better through adventure and family better than Tsh! This expansive story of people, places, presence, and pluck is an absolute page-turner. She went on the adventure I always dreamed of but didn’t know was possible. You are going to love this book. You’ll close the last page, hug your family tight, then call your travel agent."

Jen Hatmaker

NYT bestselling author of For The Love


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