I’ve written several books over the years, and I’m currently writing my fourth. My most recent is At Home in the World, a travel memoir on what I learned about home when my family and I traveled around the world for a school year, living out of backpacks.

life design

the workshop

Since early 2015, I’ve led people through a smart-but-simple blueprint to help them make unique choices & set plans that matter to them.

In fall 2019, I’ll unveil an improved version of this online workshop, where you can join thousands of others who’ve walked through this whip-smart process.

the camp

Know what’s better than a virtual membership site? Getting together in person to talk about real life with a small group of soon-to-be good friends.

Starting in 2020, I’ll host camps around the U.S. (eventually world?) for any woman who’s completed the Workshop and is ready to take the next step.

The Art of Simple

For over a decade, I’ve published posts and podcast episodes at this bright spot on the internet. I started it as a place for me to catalog my thoughts as we lived overseas, but it quickly grew to a community-supported space where we talk about living well & ignoring the rest.


I believe 100% that traveling — with or without kids — changes you for the better and is worth every penny. But I also know it’s overwhelming: from deciding where on earth (literally) to go, to knowing how to spend your money wisely once you’re there.

I’m here to help. With 25+ years of travel experience exploring over 30+ countries (with my kids), I’ve learned what’s worth the hype, and what’s worth skipping the “must do” in favor of hidden neighborhoods and cafes that’ll blow your mind.

Whether you’re planning your first international family adventure or a 4-day weekend getaway with a friend, I’ll help you from point A to Z.

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I’m an author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. I’m also a wife, mom to 3, fan of British period television, and a 4w5 INTJ Rebel Anglican Hufflepuff. (If you know what any of those mean, you’re my people.)

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