Tsh Oxenreider

is a writer of books + a fairly fantastic newsletter, a travel guide, & a long-time podcaster. Yep, it’s spelled correctly.

tsh oxenreider


I’ve written several books over the years, and my newest one, Shadow & Light, is now available to order! My most well-known book is At Home in the World, a travel memoir on what I learned about home when my family and I traveled around the world for a school year, living out of backpacks.

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Most summers I lead a small group of women to one of my favorite cities in the world as we unpack what we can learn, inside and out, from some of the world’s greatest storytellers.

(COVID has canceled our 2020 trip, but we hope to pick it back up in 2021. 🤞)

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The Good List

After many years of podcasting, I’ve created The Good List, a new show about the little ideas, things, habits, and works of art that make life better. Because it’s the little stuff in life that usually makes the biggest difference.

Create Your Rule of Life

A Rule of Life is simply a commitment to live your life in a particular way. Once it’s written, it becomes a tool to help you make decisions and choices to best order your days.

Tsh is an author, podcaster, and travel guide, as well as a wife, mom to 3, fan of British period television, and a 4w5 INTJ liturgical Ravenpuff. (If you know what any of those mean, you’re her people.)

She writes a weekly email called 5 Quick Things, where she shares stuff she either created or loved from the previous week. It can be read in a minute or two (here’s an example).

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