I’ve written several books over the years, and I’m currently writing my fourth. My most recent is At Home in the World, a travel memoir on what I learned about home when my family and I traveled around the world for a school year, living out of backpacks.

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Every summer I lead a small group of women to one of my favorite cities in the world as we unpack what we can learn, inside and out, from some of the world’s greatest storytellers.

The Art of Simple

For over a decade, I’ve published posts and podcast episodes at this bright spot on the internet. I started it as a place for me to catalog my thoughts as we lived overseas, but it quickly grew to a community-supported space where we talk about living well & ignoring the rest.


I’m currently in the process of becoming a certified life coach. I’ll soon take clients to help them similar to how my own coach best helps me: essentializing my work and personal life so that I’m contributing what’s best for the common good.


I’m an author, podcaster, and travel guide, as well as a wife, mom to 3, fan of British period television, and a 4w5 INTJ Rebel Anglican Hufflepuff. (If you know what any of those mean, you’re my people.)

I write a weekly email called 5 Quick Things, where I share stuff I either created or loved from the past few days. It can be read in under a minute, pinky-swear.

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