Hi, I’m Tsh.

I’m a writer of books and a weekly newsletter, a travel guide when there’s no global plague, as well as a long-time podcaster. Yep, it’s spelled correctly. Don’t ask me, ask my parents — it’s on my birth certificate and everything.

(You pronounce it as though there’s an i, like Tish, unless you’re a barista, in which you pronounce it Lucy because you give them a fake name to avoid the hassle.)

tsh oxenreider

I’m part intrepid pilgrim and scrutinizer of cultural oddities, part whimsical homebody and charming troglodyte. I love traveling and staying home, guacamole and pad thai (but not together), the internet and the persnickety pulchritude of a really good pen, reading thick novels and a good old-fashioned TV binge, my Kindle and the smell of old books.

A Bit More…

I started a blog in 2008 when my family and I lived overseas and it took off like wildfire (right time + right content). What started as a hobby eventually became a full-time job, and I continued it when we moved back to the States (Oregon and Texas).

My online writing led to book writing, which I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl.

I added podcasting to my rack of hats, and I’ve loved that, too.

Our family is big fans of living light on our feet, and in 2014-15 we traveled around the world, living out of backpacks. What I learned about stability and belonging by exploring 30 countries with three kids under age 10 became the focus of one of my books.

I ended my long-running blog at the end of 2020 because it was the right time. I love being my own boss, yet deep-down I consider myself a writer before an entrepreneur. It’s the heart of what I love doing best, where my deep gladness seems to meet some of the world’s deep need.

Currently I’m writing more books (dipping my toes in fiction), podcasting, writing a weekly+ newsletter, and teaching English to high schoolers. I’m on Twitter and Instagram, yet I gripe about both frequently. My favorite place to be is on the porch rocking chair next to my husband Kyle while my ever-growing children goof around in the yard.

If You’d Like to Connect

I’m grateful for all the kind letters sent from readers and listeners! Even though I can’t respond to them all, please know I read them and they make my day.

Once in a blue moon I’ll speak at a gathering, but it’s rare these days since my priority is with my family. If the circumstances allow, I might consider your idea.

If it’s a good fit, I’m more frequently open to writing essays, articles, or short stories for your publication.

For any of the above, please connect via hi@tshoxenreider.com.

For snail mail, send it here:

Tsh Oxenreider
P.O. Box 2471
Georgetown, TX 78627

Unsolicited manuscripts or promotional materials will be recycled. Thanks for understanding.

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