A podcast between friends about living sacramentally,* usually with drinks.

*Finding God in all things, according to St. Ignatius of Loyola.

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Yep, this is formerly The Good List.

In 2020, Tsh launched The Good List, a short podcast about the little things that make life better. Seth joined her for a series at the end of the year, and together they decided to make this long-term, changing the name of the show to reflect the sacramental goodness of ordinary things — like a conversation with a friend over drinks. The show will still include art, ideas, habits, and things that make life better — just like The Good List. Only better.

Seth Haines

I am a writer and photographer who loves the Ozarks, my wife and four boys, and a good collection of poems. I’m the author of two books, both of which touch on addiction, sobriety, and spiritual formation. You can pick up a copy of The Book of Waking Up: Experiencing the Divine Love That Reorders a Life and the award-winning book Coming Clean: A Story of Faith wherever books are sold.

Tsh Oxenreider

I’m a writer of a few books and a fairly fantastic newsletter, and I’ve been podcasting since the internet days of smoke signals. I’m also a travel guide when there’s no plague, but most days I’m content to sit with my husband and three kids and watch the hens rummage through our backyard garden in Central Texas.

Yep, it’s spelled correctly. More here.

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The Good Kind of Pain | 59

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Friendship During Chaos | 58

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Slowness as Soulcraft | 57

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